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"Norfolk's biggest ceilidh band"

The Triangle Band is ceilidh and folk dance band based in Norwich, England.
With a band which includes up to nine musicians we produce an unusually rich,
varied and dynamic sound for traditional dancing - or just to listen to.

The instruments used include violins, whistles, flutes, guitar and recorders;
as well as a hurdy-gurdy, mandola, accordion, clarinet, banjo and assorted percussion.
All the instruments are acoustic. Sometimes we play without amplification,
but usually we are amplified according to the location and the occasion.

We play a wide range of dance tunes from England, Ireland, Scotland, France and beyond.

Our recent appearances have included ceilidhs, weddings, and birthday parties
- any event where people want good live music to dance to, or to listen to.

For many, our gigs provide a chance to have fun learning different traditional and folk dances -
and we have a caller who takes the participants through each dance step by step.

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